What is a Freeform Pool?

kidney shaped poolSwimming pool designs come in all shapes and sizes in an attempt to blend the pool with its surroundings. What is a freeform pool?

A freeform pool design is your best option if you want a pool shape that is more enjoyable, casual, and natural-looking.

A freeform swimming pool is designed in an irregular, curvy style, with flowing lines and shapes.

The pool shape can maximize the amount of swimming space with a comfortable wave design or integrate dramatic curves for a modern appearance.

Once you have the pool of your dreams, don’t forget to schedule weekly pool maintenance services to keep your pool in mint condition.

Cost of a Freeform Pool

Freeform pools are not necessarily more expensive than a traditionally shaped pool if they are the same size and complexity. But if you want a custom freeform pool with more features, large rocks and landscaping, and other elements the overall price of the pool will increase.

The average cost of an inground pool is about $37,000 so freeform pools typically index higher than that average for those reasons.

Scheduling regular pool repair services will keep repair costs down throughout the years.

Common Featureswaterfall pool

Modern freeform pools can have rock and waterfall features and are designed to resemble a natural pond, lake, or oasis.

These pool types can also have features such as dramatic curves, stone decking, landscaping, a built-in spa on one end, or a deep end swim out seat.

Types of Pool Shells Available for a Freeform Pool

Concrete Pools Shells

Concrete is the best material to use to create a freeform pool. This is because it can be shaped more easily than fiberglass and lasts longer than vinyl. Concrete is the most expensive option and the best for complex shapes and designs since it can be modified while being installed. 

Fiberglass Pools Shells

Freeform fiberglass pools sit right in the middle for cost and can make the most of the space while highlighting the best aspects of your surroundings. Freeform shapes are perfect for pools that have a natural appearance since they have curved and more relaxed wavy designs.

Vinyl Pools Shells

A vinyl-lined freeform pool is made from in-ground steel, plastic, or reinforced concrete frame with a heavy-duty vinyl liner attached to it. It can be built to most shapes and sizes, but is cheaper and isn’t as versatile as a concrete pool. Vinyl freeform pools are quick to install and will not crack from earthquakes or soil settlement. 

Advantages of a Freeform Pool

Natural Look

This type of pool brings a natural look and feel as opposed to a traditional shape. The freeform design can blend into the surrounding landscaping in your backyard or natural feature without overtaking the natural beauty of the space.

Landscaping Options

This style of pool will give you more natural landscaping options at different focal points around the pool. Curved pool edges create natural islands in the water, which are wonderful locations for plants or other rock formations that add to the pool’s intimate and natural environment.

Design Flexibility

A freeform design is a blank canvas that you can make just about anything work. It can be incorporated into any shape, can work with any space, and whatever other unique requirements you have.

freeform pool with yellow slideConclusion

A freeform pool is a perfect tie-in to nature-oriented landscaping. It is meant to mimic a natural body of water and blend in with its surroundings which contributes to a more peaceful and natural backyard landscape.

Once you get your freeform pool constructed, call Sun Valley Pool Service to schedule regular pool cleanings.  



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