Why Choose Moss-Based Filter?

Great news! There is an amazing development when it comes to pool filtration technology in our swimming pool at home. Recently, moss-based pool filters have been presented as a substitute to chlorine based pool filter system. In this article, I will explore on the concept behind this latest development in pool filtration system. I will also further discuss the advantages of using moss-based pool filter for your home pools.

Different to popular notion, a moss is different from algae which are a microscopic organism. A moss is actually a plant. The moss utilized in pool filtrations are those found in fresh waters. The theory of the moss-based pool filter is that, as observed by scientists, water with moss located in lakes often have clean and pristine water. This means that exact mechanism could also be used in our pools.

Thiskind of moss called sphagnum moss is used to eradicate bacteria, mold, and fungus present in swimming pools. This means that most of the bacteria thriving on the surfaces of your pool are killed with moss based filtration system.

All these imply that the use for chlorine in swimming pools will be eliminated if you use this kind of pool filtration. Also, algae, foams, and tiny dirt are removed with moss based filter.

The process involves gathering, drying, and processing sphagnum moss to be put in packets put in an offline dispenser. This will be placed as a pool filter as they are prepare to suck dirt and microbes from swimming pools. There is a regular replacement of these packets.

Keep in mind that this innovation provides you a more ecological and natural alternative to chlorine based filters. Surely it is a must have to those of you who want cleanliness and fun to combine into your swimming pool use. I assure you, acquiring a moss-based filter system is worth considering. To know more about moss-based pool filters and compare it with other types of pool filters , go to http://poolfiltration.net today.

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