Why Hire an APSP Certified Pool Service Professional

Pool Cleaning ServiceFor over 30 years, Sun Valley Pool Service has provided the best in weekly pool service in North Texas. Specializing in the Dallas/Fort Worth MetroPlex area, Sun Valley Pool Service goes the extra mile to have each of its swimming pool service professionals certified with the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP). This certification is the ultimate seal of approval within the pool and spa industry for a lot of very good reason.

APSP certified swimming pool service professionals are dedicated to helping you make the most of your pool and spa, by making certain you have a clean and safe swimming and spa setting. APSP certified pool maintenance techs are up on all the latest in pool and spa care, and help you understand important aspects of safe pool and spa use.

The APSP is always hard at work, coordinating with top safety groups at every level from local to federal government. The organization wants to be sure its members have the latest and most accurate information on pool cleaning and spa care.

The APSP is dedicated to:

Making certain that pool and spa professionals and consumers have all the best referrals and most recent information. For this reason, the organization produces its own magazine to help those in the swimming pool service industry provide the very best in care and advice.

  • Providing consumers with a way of identifying prestigious and credible swimming pool maintenance services. Members of APSP proudly display their APSP logo so that consumers will know exactly which swimming pool service professionals provide the very best, safest and most knowledgeable pool and spa services.
  • Engendering a sense of personal commitment to excellence, honesty and square dealings in all of its members. APSP wants it to be easy for consumers to recognize its members by their logos and their fine standard of service.
  • Providing APSP certified spa and swimming pool service professionals with APSP sponsored products and the knowledge, training and tools they need to expand and develop successful, top-performing pool maintenance companies.
  • providing ongoing training and online seminars for APSP members.
  • providing APSP certified swimming pool service professionals with the latest information on regulations and standards and all issues affecting spa and pool businesses.
  • providing APSP certified swimming pool service professionals with the opportunity for input in the formation of local, state and federal codes and regulations regarding pools and spas and the pool and spa industry.

Pool service companies that are APSP certified receive an informative quarterly magazine that helps them to be fully knowledgeable about important issues that affect their customers. You can trust that your APSP certified pool service professional has all the latest information on such important topics as:

  • Swimming pool and spa energy efficiency
  • Swimming pool accessibility for people with disabilities
  • Going green with your swimming pool
  • Optimizing the safety level of your pool and spa.

Additionally, APSP certified pool maintenance company representatives have ongoing support via a strong online community. Your APSP certified pool care professional can get quick, knowledgeable answers to the most difficult questions, and call on the assistance of other pool service professionals nationwide. The powerful APSP website provides forums, blogs, articles and more to provide your pool service professional with the best in technical advice and the latest in pool and spa standards, products and ideas.

Your APSP certified swimming pool service professional is required to agree to and adhere to a strict Code of Ethics that includes:

  • Keeping the welfare, safety and health of the public at the forefront and complying with all regulations, ordinances and laws.
  • Refraining from deceptive or fraudulent practices or actions.
  • Keeping all required local, state and federal permits, registrations and licenses current.
  • Encouraging all swimming pool service employees to take advantage of the educational opportunities offered by APSP.
  • Keeping bonding, workman’s comp insurance and liability insurance current as required by law.
  • Practicing truth in advertising in compliance with local, state and federal law.
  • Establishing prices honestly and independently.
  • Providing an honest and truthful estimate of all costs to clients before performing services.
  • Providing sales agreements in writing.
  • Honoring all written or oral agreements to provide products and services.
  • Taking complaints seriously and responding to them promptly.
  • Reporting genuine code of ethics violations to APSP.
  • Providing full cooperation in any APSP investigation of code of ethics violations.

It’s easy to see that APSP takes certification seriously, and APSP certified swimming pool service professionals are sure to be the very best choice in weekly pool service, repairs, upgrades and any other concern you have regarding your spa or swimming pool. Be sure to look for the APSP logo on materials and brochures shared with you by pool service companies you are considering hiring. To be certain of hiring an APSP member, take advantage of the APSP Member Locator for Consumers, or if you are in the D/FW MetroPlex, just call Sun Valley Pool Service, a proud APSP member in good standing at 817-358-9102 or 972-831-1234.

For more about the value of hiring an APSP member and to use the APSP Member Locator, visit:


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